Today you are completing 40 years, becoming every day that passes a woman more experienced, more mature, and above all, continuing with this essence that only you have. 40 years of a life that you fought to get where is and deserves of all this that is happening in your life. It's funny to think how a person of far can get to your life and turn upside down... And that's exactly how it happened. You came in such a beautiful way, conquering every party bit of my heart and I was falling in love for your.Your huge heart... he is so light, so pure that it seems nothing can go against you, you're always with a huge smile thanking god for each day that passes, you are so good with people, you are too good for this world. You have been so amazing to me this year that I don't know sometimes how can I return that love... I want to wish you all the best in the world, that you to continue be the person who is, I feel so proud to know that I saw you evolve as a person/actress/woman... sometimes it's as if nothing of distance there was and that we're close despite the thousands of miles that separate us. They say that when you feel something so strong by another person is because you already knew him in another life and sometimes I really believe because I feel that we have we knew each other for so much years that words couldn't explain. Thank you for being this wonderful person that you are, thank you for making a difference in the world. I hope you can accomplish all your dreams, may you be happier than you already are, and that really a day come here because all I need is to hug you and stay there without saying anything and stop the world for a few seconds. Happy Birthday my love, takes advantage of the day because it is your. With all my love and heart @sarahwaynecalliesbrasil

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